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Volunteer list

As a club we rely on the generosity of time of our volunteers. If the number of volunteers is too low then this generosity is put under strain and things begin to falter.
These are all vital roles which in the main only require an hour or so each week spread across the 7 days. It could be 10 minutes a day, that’s all.
Please have a look and see which you can do and may be able to contribute. It really is important we fill these roles or we’ll stop being the success we have become over the past years and be unable to sustain our growth.
Volunteers from both sections of the club are encouraged to step up and contribute something for the betterment of the club. This is a standard email going out to everyone so if you already are one of the few who do, thank you.

Volunteer requirements


Sutton Coldfield 7s Tournament Team

This is to be a new national event held in the summer and attracting teams from across the UK. We currently have support of one sponsor to assist with national marketing.
We need a team to help set up and run the event. It is considered there will be expenditure for the event and a budget will be set in line with the expected incomes. This event will run annually and is expected to replace Bonfire as our main fundraiser since this may not be able to continue for much longer.
The team will be reporting directly to the main board.
Roles and responsibilities include
Team management, sourcing of equipment, marketing, sponsorship, referee allocation and briefing of the events team for the day.
Where the above cross into additional teams then these resources will be shared.
It is expected this will require a team of three and require 1 volunteer hour per year week.


This is already an established annual event with a team working to deliver the event. We need additional hands on the day and to help manage the volunteers, especially in the evening where stewards etc need to be recruited and instructed.
It is expected this will be a team of two and require 15 volunteer hours per year each (all in a short period around the last two weeks in October and November 5th).


Financial Assistant

We require someone for this year to assist with the financial management of the club. The person will work closely with Richard Parfitt the current Finance Director (Treasurer) to track income and expenditure, produce monthly reports for the main board meetings (first Wednesday of each month) and assist as required. The role will develop in the following year and you will be asked to stand for election as Richard’s replacement.
The follow up position will involve being responsible for all of the financial report of the club with regards income and expenditure, forecasting of cash flow and PAYE. Currently the club has a turnover of around £125,000 and it is expected when fully in post that 3-4 volunteer hours each week will be required.


A team of sponsorship go getters are required. Your task will be to engage with local and National firms to drive sponsorship into the club.
There are a number of ways to do this including pitch side, web site and programme exposure during the season and main club sponsor deals to attack during the summer months to include kit sponsorship.
There is no limit to the number of people who can fulfil this role but ideally a team of three is required covering 1 volunteer hour per week and supported where required by Main board members.


Home Match Day Co-ordinator

We require someone to be the focal point of contact on match days. These will be first XV home games where the day’s events need to be put together seamlessly.
The current match day has developed well but now needs managing in the build up to and on the day. This will include communicating to the caterers if an event/dinner is planned, checking the gate has been staffed by the gate team, distributing programmes for sale at the gate, placing into the changing rooms and committee room. Assisting with the recording of the gate receipts and passing on the details to the finance team.
In the lead up to a match day you will be required to contact the visiting club, offer invites for lunch and check expected numbers. Enquire if a supporters coach is coming so parking can be allocated. Allocation of ball boys and mascots will also be an important part.
It is expected this will require 2 hours volunteer hours on each match day and 1 volunteer hour per week in addition.

Gate team

Working alongside the ‘gate keeper’ Ben Smoldon, a team of individuals are required to offer support at the gate on home 1st XV match days. This will include collecting funds from non members and selling programmes to members. Each match day will require 3 volunteer hours starting 2 hours before the game to set up and start running the gate and continuing until half time, then clearing away after the game. This is to be a rotating task and it is not considered it will be the same people each week. There will be around 15 games where this is required in the season and 4 people for each game. If volunteers could do two games per year we would still require 30 members to assist with this vital role please.

Travel Match Day Co-ordinator

The club has secured agreements from a number of clubs with regards the ability to sell advance tickets to away games where coach travel for supporters is being supplied. There will be 6 games highlighted and these will all be dates where the 1st XV also travel by coach.
The role will be to provide ticket sales that have been promoted via the newsletter, website and in house advertising. The sales need to be recorded and tickets issued, funds collected and then supplied for payment on the day to the hosts.
The travel co-ordinator will be expected to travel on the coach to each game in order to make sure no one is left behind and so travel for this individual will be covered as part of the post.
It is expected this will require 1- 2 volunteer hours per week of the season, plus travel to each away match on the coach on the designated Saturdays.


Press Officer/Community Champion

We have a need for someone to co-ordinate the press releases sent to the media surrounding the clubs work in the community. The current set up for coverage in the sports pages etc is managed from within the playing set up.
The aim is to get all of the clubs additional activities into the press in addition to our coverage on the sports pages. These will include stories around our charity involvements, assistance with putting rugby into schools and links to community events and projects.
The role will also provide the link into the club from organisations who wish to engage with us in the community and on projects etc.
The role is going to be varied and it is expected the hours spent will depend on the individual and their appetite in the role. It is expected this will require 2 volunteer hours per week.

Web Site Manager

We require someone to keep the website up to date. Manage membership on it and provide information to it from the teams and sections.
The website was set up last year and is based on the Pitchero platform which allows for the majority of the content to be added by each team as they require.
The manager will be responsible for checking photo additions, adding on new stories and updating events in the calendar.
This is likely to be small snippets of work each week and will amount to probably 2 volunteer hours per week in the season.


Development Team

There is a lot of work currently going on around the new pitch development and sports hall renovation plans. There are ever tightening time lines around these and the board require a team to work on these projects and report back on progress etc at regular intervals.
The roles required include, fundraisers, project managers (not full time but to manage the contractors employed later in the projects) and people who can take on the task of making sure all of the items are considered when brought to the board.
The aim is to have considered solutions to discuss at the required stages of the projects so choices can be easily and quickly made and drive the developments forward.
This is likely to be a team of four people (some are already in place) and will require 3 volunteer hours per week on average per person but may increase as we get closer to the project delivery dates. At this point the board will look to increase the number of the team to assist.

Rugby World Cup 2015

We currently need two people to assist with the RWC 2015 projects which will be delivering the lead up and legacy of the tournament. We need to make sure Sutton Coldfield RFC are the forefront of the rugby community for this event. Contacts have already been made with the RFU, City Council and other bodies and a bid is in place to be a host club for one of the international teams when they require training facilities.
As the event gets closer then the numbers will increase but in the meantime we need two people to take the RWC and see how we can integrate the opportunities it provides into our club and get the best return from it.
You will need to attend meetings (currently being held at Villa Park) where the Birmingham are putting together projects which will deliver greater coverage of our sport in the Birmingham area and provide more interest in the game.
It is expected this role will require 1 volunteer hour per week on average and will include some additional meetings as required. There will also be additional heads added to the team as we get closer to the event.


County RFU Rep

We need a representative to be the Warwickshire RFU rep. The role will require travel to the Coventry area for meetings each month and involve discussions around the set up within the County, report to them on club developments and report back to the club on Warwickshire RFU changes & edicts. This may well be done via the North Warwickshire district.
The role is initially going to take 2 volunteer hours each month but can grow if you want to do more work with Warwickshire RFU.

International Tickets Secretary

The role is currently done by Pete Moore who is happy to run the autumn games but needs someone to take over for the Six Nations and future Internationals
The role requires the management of the ticket allocation to sponsors and members, collecting payment before dispatch of tickets and being the RFU contact at the club for tickets.
The role requires two distinct periods of activity. September to November and January to March. During these periods it is expected to take 1 volunteer hour per week. Pete Moore will provide training/insight into the process during the autumn games with you taking on the role after that.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

This is a vital position in order to insure the volunteers we have in place are supported and getting the help they need when it is required. The position will be the link between all the volunteers and the main board and make sure any issues are quickly reported so they can be corrected.
We know that the most valuable thing in the sport are those individuals who do lots for the sheer joy of it. It is therefore imperative that the joy is maintained as long as possible. The volunteer co-ordinator will keep in touch with the teams, assist if required to find additional helps and make sure hours of volunteers are not increasing and becoming unsustainable for individuals.
This is likely to be a role which takes 2 volunteer hours per week at busy periods.


We have a couple of people already looking to work on this but we require more. We need to continue to drive membership up at the club in both playing and social membership. The roles include the supplying and completing of membership forms at the club or on line and then sending out confirmations and welcomes to the individuals.
Lapsed memberships will also need to be addressed and support will be given in these cases.
This is likely to be a 1 volunteer hour per week task and usually less in the summer.

Section Link

In order to maintain single club with a defined M&J and Senior section we need to take two section link volunteers who will work from both sides of the club and provide a working link over and above the sharing of the ground and website.
The role will require two meetings a month to report into the senior and M&J committees (first and second Wednesday of the month respectively).
The two will work together to make sure each other are aware of events and opportunities that work across the sections in order to drive a single club approach and strengthen both as a result.
It is expected each 1 volunteer hour per week will be required with each meeting being around 2 hours in length.


Currently only 4 people carry out work on the grounds. These volunteers have to carry out their work in daylight. 3 of the four have full time jobs and cannot, therefore, spend as much time on the pitches and surrounds as they would like. The more people the merrier would be welcome to assist in ground maintenance, especially at this time of the year.
The volunteer hours for this post are whenever available but you would need to be reliable as tasks can’t be carried over. Duties include grass cutting, pitch treatment, site clearance etc.

Contact Jim Haywood when you have selected the position you would like to do 07805 181416


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