O2 Touch Rugby

O2 Touch Rugby

O2 Touch rugby is now at the Roger Smoldon Ground.

Come and enjoy mixed Touch. There is no tackling, no scrums, no complicated rules, just lots of fun and a seriously enjoyable sport for all.

Whether you want to get fit, make friends, have fun, run around, then Touch is for you! all you need is enthusiasm, some trainers and some clothes to run around in we will provide the rest.

O2 Touch is a fast fun, exciting and enjoyable sport for everyone. teams are mixed sex and mixed ability, so it doesn't matter if you have played Rugby for years or never at all!

This isn't Rugby as you think you know it....This is O2 Touch!

This is free on a Wednesday at 7 for anyone male or female over 15. It suits all ages and abilities and is just for fun and fitness.