Pitch Ready I Injury Prevention & Performance Improvement I Yoga-Based Practices for Rugby I YogoJo

By Joanna Fletcher
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Young rugby players talk about the benefits of practicing yoga for injury prevention and reduction of risk of concussion amongst children and adolescents playing rugby. The young players share how practicing Pitch Ready improved their post-match recovery, helped guard against injury and improved general flexibility. They confirm that they noticed how yoga-based practices indeed have already improved their performance and most importantly gave them every conceivable advantage to succeed free from injuries and with improved body stabilisation especially around shoulders and hips. The mental side of rugby is as important as the physical side. Rugby needs clarity of thought as it may be a stressful and anxiety driven sport. By embedding yoga into rugby, it helps young players deal with their emotions in a constructive way and have a positive experience of playing rugby. Pitch Ready is a yoga-based programme developed by Joanna Fletcher, CEO of the YogoJo Foundation, a yoga teacher and mum of 3 rugby players. They were her inspiration to keep kids and teens safe on the pitch and let them enjoy playing the game that they love. Pitch Ready includes physical movements promoted by the Rugby Football Union and it also brings elements of breathing techniques, mindfulness aspects, and relaxation-based practices.